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Records of accidents are not always made available. Sometimes this is for political or legal reasons. For example, the records shows that few incidents have occurred in Croatia, but accidents in Croatia are investigated by the police and their reports are not made public. If the DDAS contains few records for Croatia that does not imply that few accidents have occurred there. In other cases records may be withheld because an individual in a demining group or a MAC fears the consequences of being open and honest about accidents. Any demining group that claims to be working to the IMAS should make their accident records available, but some refuse to do so. Their records are often obtained from the National Authority or by other means. Demining groups and country Mine Action authorities that have been commendably responsible about sharing data in order to learn from accidents include Norwegian Peoples' Aid (NPA), Danish Demining Group (DDG), the commercial Minetech, and Afghan staff at UNMACCA. Others are supportive at times, such as CMAC in Cambodia. Still others have previously been supportive, such as MAG UK, but a change of management philosophy has led to data being withheld.

Records are held for the countries listed below, with a few individual records from countries not listed. Absence from the list does not imply that no accidents have occurred there. Because the record is incomplete, the number of accidents listed for a country does not indicate the frequency of accidents there compared to any other country. A country with a lot of demining activity and a lot of mines removed each year is likely to have more accidents than a country where little is occurring or where the mine problem is small.

DDAS accidents by country


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